PLAMED Asia is your one-stop source for high-quality, seamless HEALTHCARE fieldwork services in Asia.


PLAMED [plä-med]

The PLAMED Asia Panel was born through a collaboration between leading healthcare research companies in Asia.

We are conscious of our responsibilities to both the physician community and our clients, and those dual responsibilities are reflected both in the origin of our name, and in our mission statement.


To our panelists:

“PLAMED” = “Platform for Medicine”

"Provide a platform for sharing medical knowledge and practical healthcare insights in Asia, with the final goal of contributing to the quality of healthcare."


To our clients:

“PLAMED” = “Platform for Medical Research”

"Provide the highest quality online fieldwork services in Asia by leveraging the expertise of our in-market Research Executives, as well as the integrity of the data obtained from the PLAMED Asia Panel.”